Who and what is RAILHOO

RAILHOO is a new internet site created by rail fans for rail fans and anyone interested in railways. The project originated in 1999 in order to give an organised overview of the increasing number of activities for rail enthusiasts and to make them accessible via the web. The first part to originate was the link catalogue; this went online on 30.06.1999. Today it is one of the best and largest.
The picture archive contains photo series of railways and model railways from all over the world. The main emphasis is on high-quality photos, unusual themes and photos of historical interest.
The "reports" category gives you the opportunity to publish photo tips and travel reports about railways all over the world. The RAILHOO team is pleased to welcome new contributions.
Further services from RAILHOO will be published in due course.


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The RAILHOO team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the content and design of the RAILHOO site. Some of them introduce themselves on the RAILHOO authors' page.

We would also of course like to thank all those who visit the RAILHOO pages and thus contribute to the site's success and motivate us to continue developing it. If you have ideas, suggestions or points of criticism for RAILHOO, simply tell us about them via e-mail.


The content of the RAILHOO pages has been extensively researched and is continually monitored. There is, however, no guarantee for its accuracy.


The texts and photos made available on the internet by RAILHOO are protected by copyright. Any further use of their content requires the prior consent of the RAILHOO team and, especially for text and photo reports, the consent of the respective author or photographer. The referral or incorporation of pages or parts of pages (e.g. individual photos) of this site is only permitted when the author or photographer and origin are clearly identifiable.
Further information about copyright law can be found on the following internet pages:

- Universität des Saarlandes Institut für Rechtsinformatik : Informationen zum Urheberrecht im Internet
- Juristisches Internet-Projekt Saarbrücken, Abteilung Urheberrecht, Informationen zum Urheberrecht im Internet
- Stefan Bechtold, Multimedia und das Urheberrecht
- Gesetz über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte (Urheberrechtsgesetz)
- Urheberrecht und Multimedia, Joachim Elsner - Stand Mai 1997
- Urheberrecht im Internet, Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz, Rechtsanwalt und Wirtschaftsprüfer in München
- Urheberrecht im Internet, von Dr. Jürgen Weinknecht
- Urheberrecht im Internet

Disclaimer/advice about the problem of external links

Under paragraph 1 of the Teledienstgesetz of 22.07.1997 (TDG), the RAILHOO team, as content provider, is liable for its "own content" which it makes available for use. This content must be distinguished from links to sites made available by other providers. The RAILHOO team makes "external content" available by a link insofar as this is indicated by the word [link]. The RAILHOO team is then only liable for the external content when it is aware, for example, of any illegal or criminal content and it is technically possible and reasonable for the RAILHOO team to prevent its use (paragraph 2 TDG). The term "link" always means dynamic referral. When the linking was originally established the RAILHOO team checked the external content as to whether its use would entail a possible civil or criminal liability. However, under the Teledienstgesetz the RAILHOO team is under no obligation to continually check the content to which it refers via a link in order to establish whether any new changes could constitute such a liability. Only if the RAILHOO team discovers or is made aware by a third party that a specific site to which it has referred to via a link entails civil or criminal liability will it remove the link to this site insofar as this is technically possible and RAILHOO can be reasonably expected to do so. The extent to which this is technically possible and reasonable is not influenced by the fact that even after the termination of access to the RAILHOO website via other servers, the illegal or criminal site can still be accessed. In the case of an illegal site being found, this can be reported to us.

We would like to thank the representative for data protection in Berlin from whose website we derived the text for this disclaimer.